Prospective buyers will form a first impression of your home within seconds. The amount and type of lighting will influence their opinions when they look at professional marketing photos and videos and when they tour your home, either in person or virtually.

A Poorly Lit Room Can Be an Instant Turnoff
Poor lighting may create a negative emotional reaction in prospective buyers. If a room isn’t well lit, it will appear smaller than it really is and may seem dirty. A room that has plenty of light, on the other hand, will feel cheerful and inviting.

If a room is used to perform specific tasks, adequate lighting is essential. In the kitchen, for example, a home’s occupants need to be able to see well when they’re preparing meals. If the kitchen is poorly lit, or if some areas are well lit but others are dim, potential buyers may think the room wouldn’t be suitable for their needs.

How to Improve the Lighting in Your Home
Go through your house, room by room, to assess the lighting. Open all the windows, turn on all the lights and see if any areas are dim. If so, look for ways to address the issue.

Sometimes all you need to do to improve your home’s appeal is to increase the amount of natural light. Giving the windows a good cleaning, or hiring a professional cleaning service to do so, may instantly make your entire house seem brighter.

Make sure that the overhead lights and lamps in each room are right for the space. Some rooms may benefit from adding one or more sconces, accent lights, overhead fixtures, floor lamps or other types of lighting.

Outdated light fixtures can detract from your home’s appearance and make it unappealing to potential buyers. If any of the fixtures in your house are outdated, replace them with more modern ones.

Check each light fixture’s specifications and use the brightest bulb that’s safe for it. Consider replacing all the bulbs at the same time so the amount of illumination is consistent throughout the house.

If a room has dark walls, flooring or furniture, it can appear darker than it really is. Lighter-colored paint, area rugs, pillows and other accents can make a dark room seem brighter and more inviting. Using mirrors to reflect light from lamps can also brighten a room and make it seem more spacious.

Get Professional Help With Staging
Talk to your real estate agent for advice on how to improve the lighting in your home and other tips on how to make it attractive.

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